Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Colette Crepe

First off, let me say that I love Colette Patterns and Sarai's independentness (clearly not a word) and design esthetic. My all time favorite make thus far is my Macaron. But. You know, not all patterns are everyone's style. I had some misgivings about the Crepe dress from the start, and it's not only because when I see the dress I always, and I mean always, start humming... "girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay...". I skipped Gertie's Crepe sew along at the beginning of this year because I just wasn't sure.

But. I won the pattern in a blog giveaway from Miss Snug Bug, and well, I did feel a small obligation to make it then. I mean, I try to only enter giveaways for things I want, and not just to enter and win stuff (ok, I did that once, and I actually won... oops...  it wasn't a sewing blog). So, I bought a gorgeous blue gray cotton linen blend, and made the first muslin in March. Then it lingered. Then I made another muslin, I think in May. OK, come ON. It was time to make the thing.

I'm going to show you the pictures and then give some observations.

  • Construction-wise, its a beginner pattern.
  • I'm different sizes on the top and bottom, so fit-wise, there are issues.
  • Colette patterns are uniformly too wide across the chest (above the bust) for me.
  • This stiff-ish fabric makes the sleeves stick out too much. I shortened them a little, and could have done with a smidge more.
  • I had a heckuva time with the bust darts. I seem to remember Gertie covering this a lot during her sew along, and I should have gone back to see what she said.
  • I had to do a huge sway back adjustment. Should have done more.
  • The top is just not flattering on me. I'm too short waisted (or something) for that wide belt look.
  • Not sure the butter yellow was the right choice.
  • Linen is scratchy. I did underline the top, but should have made the facings out of a softer cotton.
  • I used a catch stitch to anchor the facings to the underlining.
  • I used a catch stitch to anchor the waist seam (covered with bias tape, but not folded over).
  • I made the pockets out of voile.
  • I wore a half slip for my skirt "lining".
  • The wrap coverage is GREAT!
  • The neckline needs something.
  • The back darts are too far apart, and are in a weird place on me.
  • I shortened the dress about an inch and a half (if I remember correctly).
  • I'm not one for a big bow in the back (or even knot) and besides, no one in my house can do a good bow (but me), and my arms just don't bend that way.
  • Gave it a test run today, and didn't feel too wrinkled.
  • Wearability Index: 7
All told, while it's not my favorite dress, I do like it, and if my weight loss plan actually works this time, I can just wrap it tighter.


  1. I do like this dress on you - you look lovely. Have you tried other belt options? - perhaps you'd like it better with different accessories. This seems like the perfect canvas for all sorts of different accessory (colour) options.

  2. You look great, ready for anything.

  3. It looks FABULOUS!!! I love how you tied the sash as well!!

  4. I think it looks great on you. I had similar reservations about the wide ties and my short-waisted figure, but decided not to fret over it. Have you tried wearing a cropped jacket with it? I bet that would look cute!



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