Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I wanted to drop off some pictures of a couple of different muslins I'm working on. I'm right on schedule for the crescent skirt sewalong, as today was the fitting of the muslin. Initially, I identified 2 problems with my skirt (or maybe it's my body). First, I made view C, which is the longest, but I think it's too long. Easy fix there, and I remeasured with view B. Not sure I'll go quite that short, or somewhere in between. Feel free to speak your mind about this.

The second problem was the length of the waistband/yoke. I have what I suppose is called a low rise in that the length between waist and crotch is on the short side. Of course, with a skirt, that isn't really a factor (like it will be with the jeans sew along), but I was feeling like the waistband point ended at an awkward spot. I made a tuck all around, shortening it by about 3/4" just to see how I liked it. If successful, I was going to more precisely adjust each pattern piece. But take a look:
A picture is worth a thousand words here, and I think the original waistband looks better on the hips. I think I'll soften the center "point", shaving off a bit and rounding it to eliminate the pointing at an awkward spot feeling. Otherwise, I'll leave those pieces "as is".  What do y'all think of the length? I think the shorter look is better. It's a little loose, too, so I may go down a size. The only other change is that I'm using a 7" zipper as I have quite a lot of them, and they work just fine.

The other muslin I made today is the bodice of the Colette Pattern crepe dress. I think a few tweaks will make it work great. When tracing, I started with the 8 at the shoulders, angling down to the 12. The shoulder area is still a touch wide, so the 6 might even be better. I'm going to review some of Gertie's fitting tips from when she did her sew along earlier this year, too. A couple of other complaints... there is a bit too much fabric under the bust. An easy fix taking some of that extra up in the darts. The side darts are too high, but just a smidge. The back is simply too long, so a swayback adjustment is in order there. Because it's a wrap dress, I feel like there is some leeway with the back, and I don't want to overfit, and not have enough to wrap around the caboose.


  1. You're right, in my opinion -- the shorter one on the right looks better.

  2. That type of waistband/yoke is tricky. I tried my hand at a similar one a few years back though I was unsuccessful. I'm no expert on this of course but I did take a long hard look at the differences. I like the yoke on the first one and the length of the second on on your better. Just my opinion though.

  3. p.s. about the bodice muslin, I'm in agreement with you concerning your fitting so far. But every time I worry about over fitting and stop, in the end I wish I had tweaked it a little more.



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