Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A New Skirt

Finally, Finally! I have so many projects going in my mind, but I don't think I had turned on the sewing machine or serger until yesterday. And surprisingly enough, it was something that I just discovered yesterday. A great friend of my, Ginny, is a fantastic artist, working in lots of mediums, including sewing. And she's recently started a blog that will cover her "adventures with clay, cloth and yarn." Go check out GinPins.

Oh, yeah. The new skirt I made. Well, Ginny posted about this awesomely fast yoga skirt that she made, and I had to have one! I think it took me all of an hour (maybe a smidge longer) to dig through my stash, do some quick measurements, cut it out, and serge away. Click here for the tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew.

This yoga skirt could well replace what is affectionately known by me as my "after dinner skirt", and is exactly the kind of garment that is lacking in my wardrobe. The kind of thing you wear when you're hanging around the house, just wearing something comfy. I used some cotton jersey that was left over from a dress I made last fall.

I didn't wear it today tucked in, but I wanted you to see the waistband. One teeny complaint: 4 layers of cotton jersey around your waist can get hot.

One addition I made: a small "cargo" pocket to hold my cell phone.

On to Me Made June pictures:
June 21
Yesterday was one long day, but I didn't really get "officially" dressed until after lunch. I had an evening meeting, so I wore my red cowl tee (already worn), and a skirt from the now defunct Harold's. I love this skirt, and probably would have tucked in the top, but the waistband was a wee bit tight yesterday. Look at the fantastic machine embroidery (this is not the me made part).

And the outfit:

Skirt: Harold's

June 22
Today I wore the yoga skirt with a new top from Talbot's. It was a steal at $9. And you'll see in the picture what occupied most of my time.

Top: Talbot's
Skirt: Yoga Skirt


  1. Cute the pocket in the front ;P your hair is lookin' good!

  2. That skirt is really cute...thinking I should rummage through my stash for one!

  3. Thank you for the shower curtain knock off tip. I like it.

  4. That does look like a very useful and comfortable skirt to have! I like the addition of the pocket.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog...

  5. Talk about a cultural difference in terminology!
    I would never wear a skirt to yoga (if I ever did yoga, which I didn't!) so as far as I'm concerned you made a terrific "baking skirt", complete with a heat proof waistband to protect your stomach from the burning hot baking trays :D



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