Friday, June 17, 2011

Vintage 1974 -- Simplicity 6606 Finished!

Every now and then, Laura will send me a link to a RTW something, and ask if I can make something like it. She has expensive taste, so these are almost always garments way out of her price range. I love a challenge, so I set out to find a pattern, vintage or new, that has the same look and feel. Then, we hunt for a suitable fabric.

Simplicity 6606 was the perfect answer to a button front, floral fabric dress that was in the $200+ range. I'm terrible at keeping track, but if memory serves, I think I paid less than $30 for everything for this version. I did make a muslin, because I bought the pattern without looking at the size. (Click here and scroll down for a peak at Laura in her muslin.)

The fabric is a rayon shirting from The pictures were all taken by Laura's husband Thomas, who happens to be an actual photographer, so enjoy these professional pictures.
Button detail
Groovy 1974 Collar

June 17
Thanks to everyone for the comments about my commitment to the me made challenge. I do sometimes get obsessed about challenges and about following the rules. Speaking of challenges, over in the Me Made flickr group, today's mini-challenge is to take your pic with a loved one. So, just in case he hasn't ever appeared on my blog before, meet Roland, husband. The wreath behind our heads is one I made when the kids were little, so their little handprints also represent my loved ones who aren't so little now. (outfit is my chambray top that I love... a repeat, and my crescent skirt)


  1. Laura's dress looks gorgeous on her. I would have easily tipped $200+ for it :D
    I love that you have mentioned rayon shirting as the fabric too because I find it very difficult to guess the drape and sheerness from a bland description online - still in the learning by mistakes phase when it comes to shopping!

  2. The detailing on your daughter's dress is very beautiful. Those little shirt dresses are so popular now.

  3. That dress is so summer, so pretty. Love that red print!



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