Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Big Zipper in the Room

... or why I haven't shown you any pictures of my made-over studio...

There it is, people. A door length zipper. Awe-inspiring, no?

But let's back up. Have you ever done any remodeling? If you have (or maybe even if you haven't), you know that one thing leads to another, and this is definitely a case of that. For your enjoyment, let's go through a brief outline of those one things leading to other things...

  • Kyle moves into a house in Macon (whoa, how does this fit in?)and needs furniture
  • We give him the furniture in the guest room/studio, making it possible to simply have a new studio... woohoo!!
  • We decide to remodel the kitchen
  • Get quotes and pick a designer/contractor
  • But wait... the kitchen floor is seriously not level. Can't have that.
  • Luckily, the kitchen is directly above the open storage area in the basement. Engineers descend.
  • A plan is hatched. Must clean out the basement. Studio redecorating is fast-tracked. Woohoo!!
  • The basement is cleared out, and a little plastic room pops in.
  • With another big zipper. This is to hold all the cement dust in when then cut a hole in the basement floor. It works.
  • And now we have this:

  • Clever, right? It's like a giant car jack, hoisting up the kitchen floor 1/16" of an inch at a time. Those little red "feet" on the bottoms of the outside posts are really the jacks that the guys come in and raise up almost every morning. The floor has been raised 7/16" as of last Wednesday, and we're giving the walls a chance to adjust so they don't crack. So far, so good.
  • Leading us back out of the basement, through the big zipper:

All, of this is to say that while my sewing studio is completely usable, it's kind of a mess with things stacked up in it that will go back into the basement. And I haven't put up any of the decorations, and really made it pretty. Just functional. Soon, I'm promising myself, soon.

I have big sewing goals this week, too... but lots of appointments, etc, too. Probably too ambitious, I know. But on the 13th, Laura and I are going to New York for her spring break, and I need a new dress! Vintage pattern made up in a red ponte knit. Oh, it will be delightful.


  1. How interesting. Question, once they are finished leveling the floor, will the jack thing be removed, or will it have to stay in to hold the flor level forever???

    1. Once it's done, they'll take out the 3 posts, and put in one permanent one where the center post is located.

  2. Wow! We did an extension about 3 years ago, and there was no zipper! The builders just destroyed the place. No one here in the UK has even mentioned zippers. I wonder if it is a US thing. It would be sorely appreciated around here.
    Good luck with your sewing. I have a busy week and lots of aspirations too. Fingers crossed!

  3. Love the zipper Elle! Definitely will insist on that when our kitchen remodel gets underway.

  4. Funny. Actually, there is a jack holding up my kitchen floor in the crawlspace. I'm hoping it was just put there when they knocked a wall out of our kitchen. Still there, and it was there when I bought the house. I don't dare move it :0



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