Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Sweater? A Sweater!

I knit a sweater! A cardigan to be precise, and to be even preciser (preciser?) I finished knitting it, um, last summer. It's a cropped, 3/4 length sleeve, scoop neck cardi knit in some kind of washable cotton yarn that is soft and scrumptious. I think you have to be a member of Ravelry to see it, but it's the Miette pattern that is a free download from there.

A couple of details. Well, I can't remember any of the details of the actual pattern. But as a beginner knitter, my grasp of size and gauge is, well, admittedly, weak. I made this with one particular dress in mind, and when I put it on with the dress, I just wasn't thrilled. Does that ever happen to you? What you see in your mind is really different than how a project turns out.

Heck, I'll just show you some pictures!
Doesn't look too bad from this angle. I'm not wearing the dress I imagined it with, but a different skirt and top.
It's supposed to be pretty much fitted, and it is just too wide across the back and at the neckline. (It's also a little long to be called a cropped sweater, oops.)
Oh, maybe I AM wearing the dress, hee hee.
Yep, I like it better with the skirt, which looks fluffy and full over this full skirted dress.
I want to leave you with a close up of the chartreuse green square buttons and the eyelet design. But don't look too closely, as there are tons of mistakes!


  1. Your sweater looks great, I like it with the light blue dress. Isn't it funny that knitters always feel the need to "confess" our many mistakes when no one would know unless we told them. Great job.

  2. Well done you! It looks great, I don't see any mistakes. The colour is pretty too.

  3. Beautiful sweater! I've been tempted by that pattern too. I love Andi's blog. I agree, no one else will see the mistakes! ;)

  4. What a lovely cardigan and an absolutely gorgeous colour too. Well done. :)

  5. Love the color and design. It does not look like a beginning project. Great job!!



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