Friday, May 18, 2012

The Green Walls

The Me Made May flickr group has these little mini-photo challenges on Fridays, and today's challenge is "green". As I'm sure you can see from my other days, there's a ton of green in my backyard, so that would be too easy. No, I'm going to show you the green walls of my kitchen that will cease to exist on Tuesday.

Dress: Vogue 8575
This is the wall of the breakfast nook. The painting, by a folk artist, bought at some folk art festival by Roland. And the dress, I wear this all the time.

The awkward wall of the stairway. The desk behind me will also cease to exist. This area has been the bane of our kitchen designer, and after making a decision to add some cabinets, when we needed to cut the budget a bit as much as possible, we decided to just put a chair there, maybe a little table, and some kind of artsy thing. And in that wall, we're going to have a little niche for the dog bowls. It was pretty inexpensive in the scheme of things.


  1. Not only green walls, but also green in the dress fabric - I'd say that you covered the challenge quite well. I do like that dress on you!

  2. This dress is great on you! It really suits your figure and makes you look fab. Have you used the pattern more than once?



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