Thursday, May 3, 2012

Days 2 and 3, Me Made May

Day 2

Originally blogged about this dress back in July 2010
Butterick 5450
Edited to add: That isn't my kitchen, but a showroom for kitchen appliances, etc. We are redoing our kitchen, though, and I'll be sure to post pictures of the process and finished.

Day 3

Tee: Talbot's
Yoga Skirt: Me Made Originally blogged here in August 2011, self drafted
Shoes: Indigo by Clark leather flip flops (last year's model)


  1. You look great in both outfits, the dress is gorgeous on you. Also just had to say OMG your kitchen is to die for. I am positively emerald with envy! (re sewing skill and culinary space)

    1. Oops... forgot to say that that isn't my kitchen. We're getting ready to re-do our kitchen and that's in a showroom.

  2. Love both looks! Glad you put a disclaimer about the kitchen. After noticing your fantastic dress I noticed the amazing kitchen.

  3. I'm really enjoying seeing your daily outfits! Looking good!



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