Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Quick Skirt

It's just me and the dogs this week as Roland and Kyle have gone to North Carolina for a little father/son bonding, so that means SEWING! OK, well, I sew even when they're home, but now I don't have to feel guilty when I don't want to stop and cook them dinner.

I'm still doing some secret sewing, but I managed to make myself another quick yoga skirt. Not too many changes, but a few. I made this one out of ITY jersey and made the waistband a little smaller since the jersey seemed stretchier. I also made it less full, and a little shorter. And, while it seems totally foreign to me, I didn't hem it. But there's one surprising thing I added.

Well, nothing surprising here in the picture (other than it's not the usual "on me" look). But I've been wanting something to sort of "immortalize" my sewing. Quilters put labels on their quilts, kind of like signing their art, and I wanted to "sign" my creations.

So, I placed an order to Etsy seller Baby Jewels, and got me a custom rubber stamp. Woo hoo! I used it in that polka dot top, but forgot to mention it, and for that I simply stamped right on the inside back neck (where a label would go). I used a VersaCraft ink pad, and I honestly can't remember who I ordered it from so that link is just to show you the description.

For the skirt, I stamped on an ivory grosgrain ribbon and then attached it like a label.

The Detoured is part of the name of my other blog (that I seemed to have detoured from posting to), and I just kind of like the word. It's also my general feeling of having to take detours from the life path I'm on. And besides, having the stamp is just fun.


  1. The skirt is cute! I am going to have to make one. Thanks for sharing the info on the tutorial.
    I love your stamp/label. I don't have any labels to put in my clothes, so your idea was fantastic.

  2. Very cool label trick!! Now if only I could find some decent knits...
    Love your skirt!

  3. What fun, having your own label! Cute skirt, too.

  4. Great skirt.
    Love your label idea.

  5. That is a cute and comfy looking skirt. I've not made skirts this summer. Maybe next year. sewforreal-mamafiore.blogspot.com You ladies really inspire me. If I can get just half of wear you are, I'll be doing good.



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