Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Hat

I've been on a quest. A quest for a long time to find the perfect sunhat. Alas, I have a really small head, which makes it difficult. Plus, I find it very annoying to have sunhats blow off, so those cute straw hats with the big brims just never seem to work.

I thought I had found the perfect hat. However, my children gave me such grief about this particular hat when we were at the beach earlier this summer. I wore it every day on the beach anyway because who really wants a sunburned part! Has that ever happened to you? And then it peels? First it's really sore, and then you're combing gross bits out of your hair.

Here's the hat, also known as the Baby Hat.
Yep, the baby hat is the name my kids gave to this hat.

When we got home from the beach, I searched through all the patternmakers for a sunhat to make. This one is the best that I found.
So I made this one. I made the small, which Ms. Butler says should also fit small children. Sheesh. Then, you only use a tiny fraction of the fabric yardage recommended. And no need to buy a contrast for the lining, since you can't actually see it because it's on your head. Those are just some of my gripes.

I didn't use the canvas recommended, but a sandwich of stiff interfacing and fusible batting. I only used the batting in the crown of the hat.

OK, kids... better? I think it looks ok, but I'm really not a hat person, so I feel like all hats look a little foreign on me. Moving on, though, I devised something that addresses the wind problem.
I left small openings in the side seams near the brim and threaded a grosgrain ribbon through. I think it looks kind of cute from the back. Now for the horrifying view. If it gets really windy, I can adjust the ribbon, pulling down the inner bit for this:
Yes, I feel like this looks pretty ridiculous, but hey, I won't lose my hat.

I may have to keep looking for the perfect hat.


  1. I love your new hat, and you do look good. Ingenious method for keeping your hat on in the wind.
    Some people are hat people, and some are not. Yet - with all the styles, shapes, etc. out there, there should be one to suit every face. Have you tried just going to a hat store and trying on every hat shape to see what suits you - perhaps then you would have a better idea of what you need to look for.

  2. Great new hat! Much better than the Baby Hat.

    I don't wear hats even though I keep searching for one because they look absolutely ridiculous on me, just ask my kids :)

  3. The hat is great! Love the fabric you chose. I like hats, but I don't like my hair to get flat! I always wear a visor on the beach.

  4. I think you have found the perfect hat! It looks gorgeous!
    You could try the old-fashioned method of hat elastic to go under your chin, it is very thin and almost invisible when in place...



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