Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun With Mod Podge, Part I

Why did I not know about this stuff before? Well, I knew about it, but I didn't KNOW how great it could be.

Let's back up though. Are you on Pinterest? Do you pin and pin, or repin and repin, never to look at your boards again? Do you say, "oooh, how cool" or "I'm going to make that tomorrow" and then never do? Well, I've got a DIY board, and I'm going to attempt to actually make some of the things that I pin. Are you ready for this? It may or may not be sewing, but it's sure to be crafty!

OK, another thing though. Let's see a show of hands for everyone who calls it Modge Podge.

What did I make, you ask? Something for the sewing studio, and fabric was involved. Initially discovered on the interwebs by my real life friend, Elizabeth, decoupage light switch covers seemed like a wonderful idea, and once I saw the tutorial on the Jones Design Company website, I was so in!

She (Emily) suggests scrapbook paper, book pages, wrapping paper, or even... fabric! I was in luck because, well, I have a ton of fabric scraps, and a dislike for the boring plastic light switch covers. So, here we go...

In the tutorial, she paints on the Mod Podge and then cuts the corners. That's a lot of stickiness, so I did the cutting pre-podge. By the way, the whole thing is about 1/2" bigger than the switchplate.
Here you go... all the tools, plus added stuff from my table. Podge painted on plate and fabric.
Fabric on, necessary parts cut out. Check out the original tutorial for more specific steps. Then more podge painted over the fabric to seal the whole thing.

Not a perfect match with the wall, but way better than the old, well...not white... beige?... plastic switch plate. And hey! Fabric covers for the switchplates in the sewing studio (which you still haven't really seen... my apologies).

I'm sold! It took more time to choose the fabric than to actually do the podging (is that a word?). Well, not counting the drying time, but obviously I could move on to other projects while that was happening.

Go ahead... make something fun that you pinned, and show everyone!


  1. It's very cute! It would be a great touch in a kids room too.

  2. Love what you've done! I mod podge a bit of fabric, cut it to shape & insert it in the back of a clear iPhone case. Voila! One of a kind iphone case! And easy to change when I get bored.



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