Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Window Seat, Part 3

Let's talk fabric, shall we? There are a bazillion fabric sources for home dec fabric, both online, and, here in Atlanta, in real actual stores. I guess people change their curtains a lot here. Who knows. I've probably been to the majority of them, since our house came with, well, no curtains at all. Sure, blinds galore... no privacy was compromised...but no curtains, drapes, valances, well, you get the picture. So I made some. Lots in fact. For almost every room in our house, until I completely burned out.

Wait. Aren't we talking about the window seat fabric? So, in light of all the sources, and the fact that I just didn't have the energy to schlep around in the heat, and also, I didn't feel like clicking and comparing, I turned to my favorite online source, fabric.com. One of the great things about this place, is that you can purchase swatches, and it was totally worth it to pay 75 cents to $1.75 for 16 swatches. Oh, and they're a generous 8" x 8"! I'm not going to show you all 16, but here's what we've narrowed it down to.

We're thinking of using 2 different fabrics, one for the center section, and a solid that will frame that section and go up against the window. Set #1:

Sophisticated and pretty.

Set #2:

Abstract and fun. That last fabric would end up as a throw pillow. Also, the solid gray would work here to.

Not sure if you can see the labels in the pictures, but all of them, except the black with circles, are recommended to be dry cleaned. Pshaw! We have 2 dogs, and they will undoubtedly be lounging on the window seat, gazing out the window and their nemesis, the squirrel. These covers will need to be washed!

Never fear though. Of course I threw them all into the washing machine and gave them a spin. And they all came out looking great! Especially the solid ones. No shrinkage. The swatch with the flowers frayed quite a bit, but a serger will take care of that.

We're still debating, so feel free to chime in with the set you like the best with a nonbinding vote. Once we choose, I'll need to order both the fabric and some upholstery zippers, but there's another important step that I'll tell you about in a day or 2.

Stay tuned!


  1. I sure like the pretty floral and taupe solid combo Elle! Which surprises me a bit since I do tend to prefer abstract prints. Which option is closer to the color of the dogs? I used to use that factor to help me make choices, but since I have cats of virtually every color now, it isn't all that pertinent LOL!

  2. I like combo #1 as well. However, I'd pick whatever combo cheers me most to look at every day:)

  3. I vote for set number 2! That looks fun, and I really like the fabric you have for the throw pillow.

  4. Oooh yes! Let's talk fabric- the best part of sewing!
    I like combo one. It's classic and pretty, but i think it could use a few zingy throw pillows to keep it from feeling flat. Maybe a red one mixed in? I do like the last fabric for a throw pillow, too.



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