Sunday, June 16, 2013

Life Updates and the Avocado

I confess that I haven't really been sewing. Of course, lots of us don't sew 24/7 because life (and sometimes death) gets in the way. I quite enjoy sewing blogs that give me a glimpse into more facets of the writer's life than just stuff they make. But, if you're only interested in stuff I make, then wait until the next post. Otherwise, read on.

I think I'll start with today and move backwards. Today is Father's Day! Happy Father's Day!

My Dad

Mitch Mayborn, 1936-1991

Father of my 2 Children
Roland Behm, still alive and well

Some sad news. This is the death part. Sadly, on June 1, my uncle died. Ward was my dad's younger brother, and he became very ill in March, and never recovered. I feel fortunate that I was able to fly to Dallas and attend the memorial service, and see my aunt, cousins, and the rest of the family. This is a sad day for my cousins.

The Avocado Project

I have this thing with growing avocados. Well, at least attempting to grow them. I successfully grew one a few years ago, that lasted a few years, and then it met with an untimely death. The last one only lasted a few months. I am undeterred though. I started another one on June 1, and I plan to photograph it's progress all scientific-like. If any of y'all have this obsession, or experience, feel free to chime in with any tips.

Finally, future sewing. I do plan to at least attempt the Hummingbird Sew Along. I have pattern and fabric. I've put the button on the side bar. Surely, I'll find 30 minutes!
The Sew Along


  1. Actually saw this today and thought of you -

  2. I'm going to pick up my young avocado tree tonight! I hope you do document yours here, as I heard you need at least two avocado trees for cross-pollination, and I'm wanting to grow a second.



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