Friday, March 5, 2010

Gingher vs. Olfa


So, if you read my little rant yesterday about the evils of cutting out pattern pieces, you may have noticed that a couple of my commenters mentioned that they cut things out with their rotary cutters. *slapping forehead with hand* Of course! Why not? It's not like I had to rush out and buy a rotary cutter for this little picture. I'VE OWNED ONE SINCE 1982!! That was the year I made my first quilt.
The problem is that my mind had compartmentalized these sewing tools. Olfa cutters = making quilts. Using scissors = making everything else. It's high time I got with the program, and since I hadn't yet cut out the lining to the glorious pink dress, I did it this morning. With the rotary cutter. The results? Fabulous!

So, as I write my little sewing posts, I hope that nobody hesitates to give me tips. It may seem that I've been sewing forever and should know all the little tricks, but apparently... I don't.

I've been battling a cold, so projects are moving along very slowly, but I did also manage to get 2 monograms stitched out. I love monograms. They are so classic and elegant, and the brides that chose these have great taste:


  1. Oooooh, love the white-on-white monogram on the right Elle! Gorgeousness!

  2. I find the larger rotary cutter works better when cutting garments. When you get used to it, you won't want to go back to scissors.

  3. Since I bought a rotary cutter I've liked cutting out much better. Though I didn't like it much when I cut one of my fingers with it - hopefully I won't do that again! Those momograms are beautiful, very elegant and pretty. I love them.

  4. I've only been sewing for a year, and I've never used scissors. It just takes so long to pin the damn pattern in place and cut it out. I also like to transfer my patterns to template plastic - they're transparent so it makes pattern placement easy, and also you can just whip round them with the rotary cutter (not worrying about shaving off some of your pattern).

    I also find that the large cutters are good for straight lines, and the smaller cutters are easier for going round curves.

    Glad you've discovered the rotary cutter - you'll never go back!

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