Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a Mom's Life

All sewing came to a drastic halt Saturday evening when it was decided that I needed to head north to care for the sick college boy Kyle. Yep, a mother's work is never done, so they say. We had found out Friday evening that he had taken himself to the ER in the morning for a severe sore throat, trouble swallowing, etc. Saturday, he was still pretty sick and could not seem to find food that he could tolerate swallowing. I arrived in Nashville around 10 pm, moved him into the Marriott and proceeded to feed him 2 Wendy's frostys and half a cheeseburger.

Sunday, I headed to the grocery and got some hotel friendly (i.e., there was no fridge in our room) smooth food. I rarely go to Starbucks, but to my delight, they had oatmeal on their menu which was just perfect for a sore throat. Kyle spent the afternoon sleeping, and I did his laundry in the hotel washer and dryer. Let me just say that hotel washer and dryers are really more suited to a load of socks and delicates than a college boy's sheets and towels (germ filled, I'm sure), and even boxers and t-shirts to get him through the next week.

Yesterday, we checked out, and went to the University Health Center for his follow up appointment, where the doctor seemed confident that he has mono (in spite of a negative "quick" test). Prescriptions and Smoothie King were now on our agenda, and one more night in a hotel vs. a noisy, germy dorm. This time, we found that the Hilton Garden Inn had a fridge and a microwave in each room, so that's where we went. We had some time before check in though, and while Kyle napped in his dorm room (now disinfected to the best of my ability, with clean sheets), I searched out a local fabric store for entertainment.
In spite of the pedestrian name, this fabric store was really quite nice. Very organized, with loads of gorgeous cottons for quilting and children (not primarily a quilting shop though), and some beautiful wools, silks, jerseys and bridal fabric. All very pricey. Lots of trendy patterns besides the Big 4, but no Burda magazine, something I am now on a sort of quest for. I just want to buy one. From a newstand, fabric store, anywhere. To see if I like it, and might want to subscribe. You would think one might find one in Atlanta, but so far, no dice.

I'm going back to Atlanta today, and will have lots of sewing that I have to do for my Etsy shop, in addition to those little flower girl dresses that must be at least cut out by the weekend. Time to get back to my Sewing Life!


  1. Is he a Vanderbilt student? I'm sorry he's been so sick. I'll bet he was happy to see mom!!!! You are right, a mom's job is never over!!!! That's a good thing! I've heard of that store.

  2. Poor Kyle. What a lovely Mom you are and I bet he felt so much better when you arrived. Good luck with the Burda magazine search!



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