Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Multiple Choice

When you see the top pictured below, you think:

a) cute babydoll
b) I want one for my toddler
c) boho chic
d) Amy Butleresqe
e) when's the baby due
f) serendipitously spectacular

Do you sense some ambivalence? I used this pattern, and saw lots of possibilities.

It's a super easy pattern, and the only change I made was to line the top instead of doing the facings. I used the burrito method so that the neckline and armholes are all magically machine stitched. I don't know if that's the technical name, but you can find the method described here.

I really will wear it because, you know, it will be 150 deg., plus 347% humidity most of the summer here, and it's cool. Not kewl cool, but I won't be hot (in any sense of the word sadly).

The funny thing is that while I was sewing, I kept thinking of other combinations in my stash that just might work. And I think as a dress, it will be a better look for me. One that will make me do this:


  1. I think it is cute in a dignified, not at all childish kind of way. And boy, does that top look perfect for 150 degree heat!

  2. My first thought was -- how cool and summery! I live only a little north of you and that looks perfect for our southern summers.

  3. Sweet! I think it's cute, and very comfortable for hot, summer weather. The last thing we want is something form fitting when the temps soar!

  4. Elle, it's super cute --- made me think fresh-as-a-daisy (which I love). I think it would look great with white shorts or a white skirt too :D!

  5. OK, First off, I think if you and I did a side-by-side checklist of sewing projects, we'd end up with the exact same list! We keep making the same things!!

    Second - I find myself SO drawn to the shabby chic look that Kay Whitt is the queen of! I LOVE mixing all the patterns and I think this shirt is actually pretty comfy and fun,I LOVE yours! Yay!

  6. Elle, I really like the top but I'm not crazy about the thickness of the tie. I think I'd feel a bit self-conscience in it. Maybe if I were thinner, I wouldn't care. LOL Anyhow, I think I might need that pattern now. I'd just use a plain twill tie that was less jazzy.

  7. I have this pattern and fabric for it already, but alas, the pictorial for lining the bodice is no longer in the web album. Would it be possible for you to explain the "burrito method" in a different way than is posted at patternreview? I cannot "see" that part. I may just have to get the pieces in front of me and try to figure it out! BTW, your top is really cute. :)

    1. Yikes, I did this so long ago, I'm not sure that I could explain it, or even remember how I did it. It's really one of the things that doing "hands-on" makes it more understandable.



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