Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wrapping Up Self Stitched September

Yes, September is over, and so is my self stitched blogging. I have a few more days to "reveal", but wanted to do a little navel gazing about the whole thing. Let's start with that since the days that are left, well, you've seen the outfits already. So, the thoughts:

  • the posts are not nearly as interesting to my followers. I apologize.
  • September weather is very, very similar to June weather here in Atlanta which means I'm still wearing the same things.
  • by September, I'm pretty much over those things that I'm wearing, no matter what their origin.
  • that means, I'm even more tired of taking my picture in those same things.
That's about it. Let's see those days we're missing:

Monday, September 26

Top: Talbots
Skirt: Half a Crepe
Shoes: Mephisto

Tuesday, September 27

Dress: Vintage Vogue 2006
Belt: Talbots
Shoes: Via Uno

Thoughts: I wore this dress back on the 8th with a different belt and different shoes. I kind of like the monochromatic look with this belt.

Wednesday, September 28

I had a doctor's appointment, and wanted to wear the lightest thing possible for the dreaded weigh in where I'm not allowed to take off my shoes thing. Yep. Call me crazy, but that criteria didn't fit the things left in my closet that I had made.

Thursday, September 29

Thoughts: ok, getting really, really lazy here, but I made the top, and the skirt is my crescent skirt, so I made that too. Originally, way back on the 1st, I thought it would be fun to track the progress of Roland's big landscape/hardscape project. Unfortunately, today is the first day there was any change and the month is almost over. But you can see he rented that machine thingie, and the path is done.

Friday, September 30

Thoughts: This is actually a rerun picture from the 6th. But I did wear the same top on the last day. Different jeans though, and different shoes. And it wasn't raining. But I had a friend from Texas visiting for the weekend, and I totally forgot to snap the picture from the last day. Do you sense a little apathy? Well, I just want to thank Zoe for an awesome idea for bringing sewists together, for making us think about what we sew for ourselves, and why, and how to make these things work out in the real world!

I've got some new stuff coming up, so please come back for the newness! I miss my followers and their wonderful comments!


  1. I can understand the tedium of snapping a photo every day for a month, but just wanted to let you know that I, for one, did appreciate the effort. I do love to see how others put together their self-made items. Thank-you!

  2. I don't mind SSS photos and recaps at all - I rather like them. I've just been lax on the comments all around since my time is more limited now that I'm working. But I have been reading!! :-)



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