Monday, September 19, 2011

Half a Crepe

Do you ever have the picture of something you want to make in your head or that you want to knock off? I just could not find the skirt pattern that I wanted to make for a simple A-line, and while I felt like I could just draft it myself, past efforts had been unsatisfactory. Sad, I know.

Then Patty, who seems to be my inspiration for many a project, made a wrap skirt from the skirt portion of her Colette Patterns crepe pattern. Why didn't I think of that? I had already done the fitting, and while I'm not crazy about the crepe dress I made, it's mostly because of the top. I love the skirt part.

Then comes dilemma #2. I have a piece of denim fabric that is only slightly longer than a yard. And I don't want to make a denim pencil skirt. I knew it wasn't big enough for the wrap, but I could use the front piece for the back as well. After playing around with the layout I had no other choice to cut it cross grain. Good news is that this particular denim has little to no stretch, so that's not a factor. So in the vein of "only her hairdresser knows", that's what I did.

I did shorten it considerably, both because I wanted it to be shorter, and that's all the fabric I had. I think I should have made it about an inch longer (which was possible), but I am still super happy with the results!!

Top: Vogue 8649, blogged here.
Skirt: half a crepe
Shoes: Via Uno (completely broken in, thank you very much)

The specs:
  • I used topstitching thread for jeans in a double line down the front and the back, and around the waist
  • wide bias tape for the waist facing, and no waistband
  • the waist also has a nearly invisible row of dark blue top stitching to secure the bias tape
  • a side invisible zipper
  • coverstitched the hem, using the same thread as the waistband
  • the hem is only 5/8" deep
  • it's unlined, but I made a quick tricot half slip to wear when it's cold (and so tights won't stick to it)
When I want another simple a-line skirt, this will be my TNT.

How about a few more pictures?
The topstitching

Back view (I was worried about the denim being too stiff, but it looks like it's draping well.) P.S. I hate the way the back of this top looks, which is probably why I don't wear it that much.

Finally, Roland MADE a necklace, and bought me some new dichronic glass earrings on his recent boy's trip.) I don't know why I'm making such a goofy face.

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