Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Secret Sewing Revealed

I mentioned sometime earlier that I was doing some secret sewing, and now I can talk about it, since they were gifts for Laura, and her birthday has passed. I'll just show you one of the things today, though.

A little background story is in order, though. Last year (or 2 years ago maybe) when Laura was going through her possessions to prepare for a move, she brought me 2 shopping bags full of t-shirts, and asked if I could make her a t-shirt quilt. I agreed, because I'm sentimental about things like t-shirts (crazy, I know), even though at the same time I think that t-shirt quilts can look a bit too crafty. Not sure that makes sense, but anyway.

Then Patty made a gorgeous quilt, and said that her inspiration was the new modern quilt movement. I started browsing through blogs of modern quilters, bought this book:

and inspiration hit. (I was going to show you a picture of the exact inspiration quilt, but I can't find it online, AND I can't find my book. Arghhhh! It was a variation on the Chinese coin quilt if you're familiar with that.)

I dumped out all the t-shirts, and whoa! There were a lot! But they could be categorized, and I decided to make the first one from all her t-shirts from the University of Georgia and their Redcoat Marching Band that she was a part of.

 To consolidate the "journey" I've made a slideshow of the quilt coming together...

A final look:
The Front

The Back


  1. How very special!!! I teared up....I bet she LOVED it.

  2. What a great use for Laura's old t-shirts! I love how the red is set against the white background. It will bring back so many memories for her I'm sure she will love it forever!

  3. That's a very special quilt - it looks amazing. I love how you have used t-shirts to give the quilt a meaning and a very modern look!

  4. What a great memory quilt for your daughter. I enjoyed the slide show.



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