Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Planning Overload

I've been reading the sewing blogs, and have become envious of those who can plan their fall sewing, even down to a color palette. I've always been more of a "see a great pattern, find some fabric, and make it" kind of girl. However, it does seem like a good idea, especially so you don't end up with things that don't go with anything else.

So I got really ambitious, and pulled out patterns, fabric from my stash, and even bought new patterns and fabric to fill in some gaps. And then I made a list. All of that listing and planning became something of an embarrassment of riches when a friend pointed me to another blog with a great and simple project.

Homemade Sundresses for Haiti

Project HOPE Art recently visited an orphanage in Port-au-Prince and discovered that the young girls had very little to wear. She came home and started the homemade dress drive for these girls. A very simple project with a free downloadable pattern from oliver + s which you can get here. Before getting caught up in what to make for me, I'm going to add in a little sewing for those less fortunate. I hope you'll visit this website and consider joining in as well. The deadline is December.

Last October, my husband went on a mission trip to Haiti. This is one of his pictures, two adorable Haitian children that were fascinated with the digital cameras and getting their picture taken.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I went out to Haiti last year to do some volunteer work which included some work in some orphanages so this really resonated with me. I have already gone out to pick out some fabric and trims to make some dresses this afternoon!



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