Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1 in a New Dress -- Vogue 8553

I finished this dress over a week ago, but I wanted to unveil it today on the first day of Self Stitched September... happy September, everyone!

This is a dress that I really should have read the reviews on Pattern Review because I might have made a few different changes. As it is though, I started with the 12 for the shoulders, and then graded out for the front pieces to size "Ellen". The skirt is pleated, so I just made the pleats a little less deep. I didn't make the self-fabric tie. I hadn't planned to anyway, but looking at the pictures on Pattern Review, all the ties just looked a little sad and limp. I made one other addition... you'll see that in a bit.

Why am I standing in the dirt? Well, to make the SSS '11 pictures just a bit more interesting, I thought I'd take the pics here in the space where my hubs is making a new patio/seating space in our backyard. Right in front of me is a huge pile of dirt that he has dug out of some other spot. You can watch the progress with me. Fun! Wearing heels was a bad idea.

So. Several of the other V8553 makers over on PR commented that the "V" in the neckline is really low. Mine was already started, so I thought of a different solution:
Can you see it? You can click on the picture to enlarge it. I made a thread loop on one side, and added a cute button that matches the light blue spots perfectly. Without the button, I get this:
Va-va-voom! Might be a good dress for a date night!

I think this dress will be a great transition into fall piece, changing it up with different belts and shoes, and adding a cardigan or jacket. Even a pullover sweater would be cute.

If you've read this far, fear not! I'm going to post my SSS '11 pictures twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays. New items will be revealed on other days, and Wednesdays will still be Wilma day.



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