Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend #1 Roundup for SSS (days 2, 3, 4)

I haven't quite worked out how I'm going to do my "roundup" posts, so bear with me just a bit. For now, here's what I wore Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the days that get the weekend designation).

Friday, September 2

Probably the self stitched garment that I've worn the most. I made it last year. It's Vogue 8575, and I originally blogged about it here.

Saturday, September 3

I went to Dragon*Con with my friend, Lisa (on the right), and wore the skirt I had just finished making on Friday! We're supposed to be Thelma & Louise... you'll have to use your imagination. Tomorrow I'm going to blog about the Dragon*Con experience, so be sure to check back in for a few crazy pictures! In the meantime, the skirt is Simplicity 2211, and it's so new I haven't even blogged about it yet.

Sunday, September 4

This was supposed to be a "stay in and sew" day for me, and a work on the path for Roland. Unfortunately, that machine on the right had a malfunction, and while Rol valiantly tried to fix it, he was not successful. So there it sits. And I'm still standing in dirt and not on the granite chips that are in Friday's picture.

Anyway, I'm wearing my "muslin" shorts made from Kwik Sew 3614, originally blogged here.

Oh, yeah. I did get a new dress finished. Maybe I'll wear it later this week!

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