Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Roundup #3, Days 16, 17, 18

September 16

Top: Colette Patterns Sencha
Jeans: Talbots
Shoes: Tsubo

Thoughts: I made this Sencha blouse last year from some vintage silk that came from my Mom's stash, but I hadn't ever worn it, and Friday seemed like the perfect day. The weather was a bit on the cooler side, so jeans were not too hot. Oh, I did have to self stitch a new hem on these jeans. The perils of being short.

September 17

Top: Butterick 5046, blogged here.
see Sept. 18 for the rest.

Thoughts: True confession... I took this pic today and sort of "recreated" Saturday's outfit. By sort of, I mean, I put on the top, but that's it. It was the only self stitched piece anyway. It started out as a cool day, so pretend you see this top over a brown Old Navy tee, and the jeans and shoes I wore on Friday. By noon I was broiling, and cast this off for the end of self stitched Saturday.

September 18

Top: Butterick 5495, blogged here.
Capris: The same old ones I always wear. Are you sick of them yet?
Shoes: Crocs

Thoughts: I didn't even leave the house today, so this was it. That explains the shoes.

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