Monday, September 5, 2011

Road Trip: Fantasy World

Have you ever heard of Dragon*Con? If you're into sci-fi and other geekery, you probably have. I, on the other hand, would probably not have given it a second thought had it not taken place here in Atlanta. And frankly, no offense to those who love these sorts of things, I hadn't really thought about attending. It's downtown, and there was a big (and ultimately depressing if you are a UGA fan) football game, a free concert, and probably even more crowd producing events. I was going to stay home and sew. Yep, that's my exciting life.

But, my friend, Lisa, had other ideas. She had been wanting to check out Dragon*Con for several years. It was on her "list". Friday afternoon she called, and ultimately talked me into it. Of course, we had to go in costume, so as not to stand out. She bears a passing resemblance to Susan Sarandon,

You can see it, right?

and decided we should go as Thelma and Louise. I look nothing like Geena Davis, but never mind.

Anyway, we boldly boarded MARTA so we didn't have to worry about parking, and headed downtown. We ended up not really attending Dragon*Con, but did lots of people watching and picture taking.

Here's a little of what we saw. All pictures were taken by me, and I won't even try to identify who they are of, but maybe you'll know.

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