Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Quickies

Yesterday, I wanted to post that I made 2 things in ONE day. But. After spending at least an hour changing the thread on my serger and coverstitch, and then an evening meeting, well, it didn't happen. So, 2 things in TWO days. Ok, not as impressive, but what can ya do?!

Simplicity 2603

With temperatures nearing 70 today in Atlanta (note the sandals), you would think that I would be firmly in spring season mode, but this yummy knit from Gorgeous Fabrics was washed and ready to go, and if it hadn't been for Mary Lou, it would have been made 2 weeks ago. [No need to remind me that the temps were high then, too.]

Anyway, not much to say about it. The knit was extremely stretchy, so I machine basted each seam before serging, and I used 5/8" stitch witchery to hold the hem in place while I coverstitched it. Made the small and lengthened the sleeves to be regular sleeves instead of that sleeve band thing, just because. It will be cozy in the fall. OH, look at me! I'm ahead of schedule! And see, there are still leaves on the ground.

Vogue 8649

Not too much to say about this either. The only change I made was to grade out to the 14 from just above the waistline to the hem, and cut about 3" off the hem. Got my hands on my hips to disguise the muffin top, so spanx would be good here.  Or maybe a little Weight Watchers. Oh, shortened the sleeves, too. I should have made a sway back adjustment, because the back is a little wonky. It's a little va-va-voom, so I'll be wearing a tank under it (that might help with the muffins).


  1. Awesome projects Elle! I love that long cardigan! I've always thought I was too short to wear a long cardigan, but I'm not too much shorter than you, and it looks so great on you, so perhaps I could pull it off! You're my fashion guru :D. Also, the tee is extremely flattering --- well done sweetie ♥

  2. I like both and with our chilly mornings I could use both now. Good looking pair.

  3. Those are two great pieces. You should enjoy wearing them. Nice sewing!

  4. I know that feeling! I was so enthusiastic yesterday to finish a skirt and top in one day. I'm still going on the skirt! I'm on a zip but it is taking sooo much time and my poor fabric for my top is lying on the floor looking so enticing!
    Lovely quick projects! x

  5. If you're wanting to make another sweater... I know a taker....



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