Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shoe Review

Disclaimer: I am not being paid at all by this shoe manufacturer. I just love these shoes!

 I love sandals. Well, I should probably say that I love hot weather, so sandals are the perfect footwear. The downside is that sandals do not love me. I am way past the age where I can get away with wearing a pair of rubber flip flops as daywear, and not because they aren't sophisticated or refined, or should really only be worn at the beach or poolside. Rather, they offer zero support. And cushioning? Nada.

Two summers ago, I found a great pair of Clarks leather flip flops, but last summer, much to my dismay, one of them went MIA and has still yet to appear, even after an extensive cleanout of the shoe area in my closet. And this was pre-dog, so who knows where it is. When I saw the above pictured pair of Clarks, they just jumped into my shopping cart. Imagine my delight when I opened the box, and saw all the luscious cushioning, especially for the ball of the foot. Heaven. Of course, if wearing a style that goes between your toes is not for you, proceed with caution, but that's never been a problem for me. They also have a slight heel, or rather incline which is much preferred to completely flat. I have a high arch, and that little bit of inclination can make all the difference in the world.

Anyway, just wanted to share while I await my "muslin" order from I bought these shoes at, and if you haven't visited that site, go. Go now! Great prices!

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  1. Oooh Elle, super cute flips! I discovered the 6pm site a couple weeks ago and now spend way too much time there! I also recently purchased a pair of Clarks from 6pm. I like this sandal so much that I have them in tan (from zappos) and the blue --- because too much of a good thing is perfect, you know :D



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