Saturday, March 26, 2011

So Unorganized!

So many things I want to make, so little... well, right now, I would have to say, organization. I'm almost embarrassed to show you.
Pattern pieces from 3 or 4 patterns, plus some of them traced as well in this pile.
Oh, yeah, a couple more patterns here. I didn't even take a picture of the pieces floating around my sewing machine. And on the guest bed.

Phase 1 of the organization begins here. With a list. A priority list. And I think I'll duplicate it in the sidebar where you can see that there are 3 sew alongs that I'm planning to participate in. But wait, there's one more! And so aptly named. She doesn't have a badge, but an entire blog that will be devoted just to this sew along. OVER THE TOP... A 15 DAY CHALLENGE.  I think a name like that needs to be in all caps, don't you?! This one also starts April 1, but I'm going to get a little jump on it.

Without further adieu... The List (the sidebar list will have links if you want to check out these amazingly wonderful and of course perfect for me [I hope] patterns).

Butterick 4735 -- a vintage wrap top. I plan to make a pj top muslin.
PJ shorts -- to go with the top.
Butterick 5328 -- modern wrap top. Fabric washed and ready to go. May need a muslin.
Vogue 8640 -- RTW Sew Along jacket. Muslin ready. Need to prep fabric for April 1 start.
Vogue 2967 -- fitted shell top
McCalls 5522 -- button front top.
McCalls 5661 -- classic fit shell. This makes 5 tops for the 15 day challenge. This one is to go under the jacket.
Now we move into the skirt portion of April:
Sewaholic's Crescent Skirt -- for the sew along. Might make one for Laura at the same time. Pattern ordered.
Ann Taylor knock off pencil skirt -- for Laura. We traced around the skirt last weekend, and I mailed her a muslin today. It will need some tweaking.
Simplicity 6606 -- a 1970s vintage dress pattern to make for Laura. I've already made the muslin and have sent it to her. She'll need to pick some fabric.
Colette Crepe -- wrap dress. Pattern is traced, fabric is bought. Awaiting muslin.
Vogue 8640 -- pencil skirt to go with the RTW sew along jacket.
Kwik Sew 3504 -- Men's jeans for Peter's Jeans sew along.
Jalie 2908 -- Women's jeans (see above). Another ambitious plan for a sew along.
Talbots knock off inverted pleat skirt -- I almost won't even need to make a pattern for this one. It's actually kind of even hard to call it a knock off, but more of a classic style.
Butterick 8628 -- a vintage drape neck dress with full skirt.

Is that enough? Yikes! And all those patterns... already in my stash. I suspect I could find fabric in my stash that would work for most of those, as well, but I might have to buy some, too. Denim for the jeans, definitely.

WHY am I still typing away on the computer? I better get to sewing!!

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  1. Now you made me feel better about the mess in my sewing area - I'm not the only one. You certainly are ambitious. I do wish you the best of luck in getting through your whole list.



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