Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've Changed My Mind

It's a girl's prerogative isn't it? This is for the RTW Tailoring sew along, and the jacket I had chosen... well, it was ok, but I wasn't liking the fabric I had chosen, and it was a significant remodel of a vintage pattern, and then I went to Talbots and tried on the jacket that I wanted to knock off, and you know what? Well, other than a possible run on sentence there... it just didn't look that great.

Anyway, I've had another Vogue pattern in my stash since last year, and it struck me that it would make the perfect spring jacket. You see, it really gets hot here, so you don't need a jacket outside, but sometimes you do inside. The AC can really get freezing in some places. They forget they're supposed to be saving energy I guess. I'm rambling. It's this one:
Here's the fabric... a cotton/linen blend:

You'll notice that it's one of the Very Easy Very Vogue patterns. Well, I think I whipped up the muslin in about an hour.
So, don't hate me or anything, but it was a bit too sunny for some of the details to stand out. It was a little on the cool side today, mid-60s. Feel better? ANYhoo, I think it fits well and I'm not going to make any changes fit-wise unless the RTW flickr group says I should. My only concern is the length. Forget that I am wearing a denim skirt with an elastic waist. I will either wear it with jeans or trousers, or with a straight skirt. I want to try the one in the pattern and see how wide the ol' hips look. The problem is that my jeans and trousers don't come as high as the skirt. They're not low rise mind you. You can see I'm way past that little problem. But I do generally wear them just about an inch or so below my natural waistline, and my natural waistline is exactly where the hem is hitting. That would mean an inch or so of shirt showing. I'm on the fence on the sleeve length.


  1. Lovely jacket! And the muslin fits perfectly! I'm so excited for this sewalong--I need to go and visit the flickr group!!

  2. Like this one much better and the fabric is cute. I'm understanding your waist issue, but not sure you can get around it unless you want a high-waist item like the pattern. A cute belt might distract the eyes.

    The one thing I did notice and might adjust is your sleeve length. I like the straight line across the bottom on the pattern and you need to bring up your sleeve to match the hemline in order have that line. The rest looks great!

  3. Ooh I love that pattern - looks like this will be a great little jacket for you!

  4. Wonderful jacket. Great fit. Could you leave some extra "hem length" when cutting, to give yourself some extra fabric to play around with when making a decision on the actual length of jacket and sleeves? (Just so you don't have to make a final decision until you're trying on the actual jacket.)

  5. Adorable jacket-lette Elle! How about dropping the hem length a bit so that it's as long as the sleeves? I'm sure you've already considered that option, but perhaps that would address the inch of shirt showing??? I'm inordinately excited about the sewalong --- the variety of projects is extremely thrilling to me :D!



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