Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jacket Progress

I've tweaked muslin #1, and I think now I'll let it "rest". I'm pretty happy with the results, but will need to do just a bit of further tweaking. Questions I have for y'all?
  1. Do you like the length?
  2. Do you think I should do a bit more "fitting" to the front? Remember, there are welt pockets to be dealt with if I do.
  3. Did I make the shoulder TOO narrow, or does it look just right (from what you can tell)?
When you look at the pictures, ignore the sleeveless side. I only made changes to the side with the sleeve, except for taking in the side seams, and adding the back darts (which need to be raised or lengthened toward the neckline) just a bit.
You can see all these pictures, plus a few more, in flickr, with better descriptions of what I did. And please don't worry about your eyes, I think the tripod is tilted so it's not you, it's me.

While this project is resting, I have a couple more on the drawing board. I won a fabulous giveaway of four patterns for tops from Faye, and I have the perfect fabric for one of them, so this one is first up:

Thanks, Faye!! I'm going to make the short sleeve brown view.

Finally, many of you know that my son has had some recent difficulties. I've decided to separate out any discussion of that, and have started a new blog dealing with only that. I'm not really going to promote it at all here (except for right now, in this post), as I'm trying to maintain some anonymity, but please feel free to drop by and follow if you are at all interested in the subject of mental illness.


  1. Since this is an outerwear jacket, I would add back 1/4-3/8" on the shoulder width. You will have a thin shoulder pad for shaping and you will need that extra give to wear over other items as well. I like the fit otherwise and the short, casual length is cute.

  2. Glad to know you received your package - and you are planning on using one already - yeahhhhh! Your muslin #2 looks great.

  3. I would place a shoulder pad on the finished shoulder and see how it looks; it will probably lift the extra fabric that is showing up a little bit above the bust and you might find out you need to add back some more shoulder length. I always add both sleeves to my muslin, it might take a little extra time but it balances the garment.



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