Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Should I Do About This?

I'm feeling indecisive, and thought I'd turn once again to my readers and pick your brain about this.

I bought this dress last year at the Talbot's Clearance Center, and paid something like $5-7 for it. What a deal! Initially, I was going to try to make the bodice fit better, and maybe make the sleeves shorter. Then I thought I would use the fabric to make a couple of tops, one using the existing bodice, and then cutting off the skirt and making a shell type tank from that.

The fabric is 86% modal (whatever that is), 9% silk, 5% spandex, and even though it says dry clean, I washed it yesterday and it looks great, and feels amazing. But is the print too much? Look, it has a long, attached belt. Woohoo!
I am wearing a tank under it, as there is pretty major gaping in the neckline. Now that I've worn it most of the day, I'm thinking it's really ok and it's comfy. What do y'all think?


  1. You didn't have a 4th option - none of the above!

    I think (if it's possible, I really have no idea) you should make the bodice smaller/tack the gap so that's not an issue, and bring the sleeve length up to just below the elbow.

    I love the dress on you - you look really pretty!

  2. Oops - I guess my description was kind of option 2. But not short sleeves! Just shorter!

  3. you look gorgeous in it Elle! I think it looks fine the way it is!

  4. I think it looks fine as is. Mind you, I absolutely detest taking apart something that's already made, especially if I can live with it as is. You look lovely in this dress.

  5. Laura is right-- you could alter the dress to fit better. Before chopping up the dress, try adding some long darts or take in the side seams of the bodice (above the waist). I think I see wrinkles there--which might be excess fabric. Also, I would experiment with a wide solid color belt. I love the fabric, but it's very busy. I look forward to seeing how you proceed.

    Rose in SV

  6. Hey Elle, you won my week 3 give-a-way!!! Email your address so I can get your prize in the mail!

  7. I voted for the second option. I like the dress overall, but the print was a little overwhelming. I think having short sleeves would help alleviate that. :) And it would be perfect for Spring!

  8. modal is made from birch trees, its better than cottan as it doesn't pill and still has stretch to it. Its great for washing over and over as you have found out. Just wash it in a care bag. :)



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