Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pre-Heating the Oven

The Tiramisu sew along has begun (see button in the sidebar for more info). Amazingly, I'm a little ahead of the game. I had the weekend off, so took that opportunity to do a little "pre-heating" as it were. It turns out, that was basically the instructions for Day 1 of the sew along. Good news for me, is that time-wise, Steph is many hours ahead of me in Australia, so this gives me the "class", essentially, the day before.

Of course, I've already broken some "rules". And by rules, I mean, that 1) I'm making a top, 2) out of shorter yardage, 3) I didn't use the cutting out guideline, 4) oops, I've already cut mine out, and 5) I'm not putting everything in a box. Actually, the box is a GREAT idea, and one I've used before, and will use again. It's just for this project, for me, it won't be necessary. Now, if I decide in the middle of this project, to start making my dress version, then, yep, into a box or a shopping bag the various pieces will go.

Anyway, my timer is about to ring and off I'll go to work, but here's a picture of the way I laid out and cut my fabric. While I flaunted the "rules" of the layout, note that I did pay strict attention to the way the pieces were laid out in relation to the stretch/grainline. That's one rule I'll NEVER break.

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