Monday, May 31, 2010

The Command Center

Every couple needs a wedding command center the week before they get married. I had set the table up in preparation for the brunch we're hosting the day after the wedding. No. I'm really NOT crazy. I think they were working on the programs, and getting the escort cards ready to clip to the great board they made last week.

Some time after that top picture was taken, they moved the table diagram into the command center. Their wedding planner is very impressed with this to scale diagram.

The board is a thin piece of MDF covered with purple satin fabric. They glued 1/2" wide satin ribbon at the top and the bottom, and then made a frame. I'm not too sure exactly how this was made, but it took a couple of days, and a bit of angst to get it just right. I think it looks fabulous!

The idea is to clip each escort card with mini binder clips in alphabetical order, so it's easy for guests to find their assigned table. In the up close of the cards, you can see the name, the table name (named for cities that are significant to Laura and Thomas), and a little symbol with their dinner choice.
 We have 4 more full days of work before Saturday, and finished items to be taken to the wedding are being boxed up and moved to the dining room. It's all coming together!


  1. Oh such an exciting time for your family! I am thrilled for you. I've known Thomas's family all my life. Couldn't find better people anywhere!

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