Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vogue 8630 for the Rehearsal Dinner

Finally, as promised, photos of the dress in the cheap, polyester, Joann's fabric. I actually kind of love this dress in spite of the fabric though. On the plus side, it cost me about $30 to make including lining, zipper, thread and pattern (which I got on sale), it's 100% machine washable AND dryable, and wrinkle free. I'm wearing it to Laura and Thomas' rehearsal dinner. Negatives are that it's, well, 100% polyester and will be totally non-breathable, and the weave is fairly loose and might be subject to some wear. The good thing about the non-breathable is that when the air conditioning is too cold, I'll stay warm, because that collar will make it hard to wear a sweater. Always a silver lining!

 The embarrassing thing about this picture is that my new fake tan pretty much matches the bricks of my house. Not really the look I was going for, but oh well. I love the wide belt (Nine West) with it, and I love my shoes (on the clearance rack at Ann Taylor), but seeing them in pictures makes me notice that my legs do look shorter with that strap. Here's an alternate look:
I had to go inside because it started raining. Now it looks like I might have just gotten back from the Bahamas. Better. I'm not loving the skinny belt as much because I do have a bit of a boxy shape. The wider belt helps with that. These shoes look better I think. Best combination: wide belt, regular pumps. Agree or disagree?

Observations about the pattern:
  • very easy, very Vogue as advertised!
  • Fits well. I made some adjustments to the pattern. Cut out a 14, tapered to a 16 at the waist and a 16 for the skirt. Eliminated the back darts. Ended up needing about a 1" seam allowance after my pinfitting. I think next time I'll cut out a straight 14 all the way. I did a sway back adjustment to the bodice, and I think I could do just a smidge more. I didn't change the pattern length at all (amazing!).
  • It's a great basic sheath pattern. Next time I plan to leave off the collar and do a neckline treatment I saw on a dress at Talbots. The neckline is a teeny bit wide which you can't tell with the collar, so I'll have to fix that.
  • I used an invisible zipper, so the construction order was altered to allow for that.
  • The instructions for understitching the lining at the collar are a bit confusing (or would be for a beginner). I'm not sure if this picture helps any, but it might: 
You just have to separate the dress and lining (dress to the left, lining to the right), slide the lining over the arm of your machine, and have the neckline seam right there in the center. I stuck my hand in through the armholes and zipper opening to push and keep the seam allowance under the lining, where it's caught by the stitching.

Happy May Day!


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  2. The dress looks great! Perfect for a rehearsal dinner, and so many other events afterwards!
    I love the trendy shoes, but you can never go wrong with classic pumps for a more formal look. I might try the wide belt and the pumps.

  3. elle, that dress is amazing! i love the classic lines of it! definitely the wider belt!

  4. Hi! Your dress looks so lovely and elegant. Love the collar thingy and the wide belt with the dress. Have a nice Rehearsal Dinner. :)

  5. Wide belt and pumps :) It's super cute!

  6. I love that on you! I agree, the wide belt looks best with shoes on photo two.

  7. Elle, you blow me away with your talents! How long did this take to cut out and sew?

    I'm with everyone else on the belt...the wide one is better. More of an impact and looks better on.

    Shoes can go either way, I think.

  8. Wonderful work, Elle! You amaze me!!

  9. That is a very pretty dress. No one would know but what it was very expensive RTW. Wear it, and feel beautiful!

  10. The dress looks great! I like it with the wide belt and the pumps. I also have short legs, so it is hard to wear the Ann Taylor's shoes :(

    But the fabric looks great, and it is a dress that you will be able to wear quite well...I doubt anyone will know that it is poly - unless you tell them :)



  11. Stunning dress. I love it!!! That style and colour really suit you. I agree with other commenters that the wide belt looks great. As for the shoes, both look good depending on whether you're aiming for a high fashion look (the first pair) or a classic elegant look (the second pair).

  12. Fantastic dress Elle! LOVE the color -- and it fits you perfectly. My vote would be for the wide belt / pump combo.

  13. Your dress looks great - love the colour on you!
    I think the wide belt makes you look narrower in the waist, plus it seems to work better with the large collar.
    Shoes - although the pumps are a bit more flattering, the Ann Taylor ones are definitely more directional. Plus I think your legs are great anyway!

  14. I've been curious about this pattern. It looks smashing on you.

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