Thursday, April 29, 2010

No dress....

... but aren't these cute!
A friend of mine makes these adorable diaper cover bloomers and matching dresses out of vintage sheets. She's Jennifer, and she is the brains behind iWunder, iWunderSews, and iWunderVintage, all on Etsy. Several weeks ago, she had a customer who bought a first set, and Jennifer sent her my way to personalize the bloomers. Then the lovely customer bought some more! Machine embroidery, and a day of shopping with a friend, were what was on my agenda today.

The lucky Mae and Amelia (and Atlee, too) will all have their diapers covered in style very soon.


  1. oh they are just gorgeous! Nice work!

  2. Ah, I would of LOVED these for my girl when she was a tot! So cute!

  3. Those were already so cute, but your touch made them even more special! Your day sounds perfect!



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