Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are you a Fabric Snob?

I love sheath dresses, and really have never found any that fit me right. You know the story. My bottom just isn't the same size as my top. Re-enter the garment sewing world and discover that there are dozens (dozens?) of variations on the sheath dress theme. Well, if not dozens, then each of the Big 4 has several of their own version.

Go back several months, and find me at the beginning of my shopping for a MOB dress. Shopping at Neimans, Saks, and Bloomingdales, the dresses I kept heading for were those of designer Kay Unger. They fit really well, even if they were a bit over my price range.

And then, this came out, a Vogue Designer pattern by Kay Unger:
It's mine now, and I can make my very own Kay Unger. I've got the perfect fabric in mind, and want it to be pink. I was recently shopping at Joann's and I saw the fabric look I was going for only it was navy. Kind of a nubby-ish suiting kind of very, very subtle plaid, but not really plaid. There's hints of black. And it was 100% polyester. Only $4.99 a yard. I bought it and some navy lining.

But really, I couldn't bring myself to make the Kay dress from this cheap polyester. I seriously thought about it. Instead, I'm making this:
Pictures tomorrow.


  1. I'll put my hand up as being a fabric snob!
    I'm not a snob about price, but I am about appearance and quality. I just don't bother with stuff that won't handle well or look good sewn up.
    I don't like polyester and rarely use it. You can fuss around for ages to get it looking right, so it's a false economy. Plus it is uncomfortable to wear in our humid summers!

  2. About the fabric snobbism - I don't think I am especially. I'll look at fabric anywear and I have seen quality fabric in some surprising places.

    The Kay Unger dress is gorgeous. But you don't have to stop at just one. Polyester doesn't always "love you back" the way a really high quality fabric will during sewing, but you have a chance to give the dress a trial run in a cheaper fabric.

    Would the navy poly work in autumn with a jacket? You are looking at pink fabric for spring right? That way you will have a practice muslin for fitting, one dress in cheaper fabric but good for autumn, and then an additional dress for summer in a more expensive fabric.

    This way you will really be getting your money's worth out of old Kay.

  3. I've bought that Kay Unger pattern too - it's really nice isn't it? Definitely worthy of some special fabric. But I also love the pattern you are making up now - the collar is a great feature.

  4. I love this dress but am nervous it won't look good on me since I don't have the smallest waist. I can't wait to see you in it and know it will be fab. I did manage to make Kay Unger's Vogue 1182 here

    And I'm really loving her designs!



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