Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm working on it... I promise!

It's always like this when you have a big project, isn't it? Progress, then waiting. So, what's been happening on the MOB dress? Did I mention that I entered Pattern Review's Formalwear contest, so that's a motivation in addition to, well, hellooooo, the wedding! Since the muslin was finished, I moved on to the next step, which included ordering silk organza from Silk Fabric on Etsy. I plan to underline the skirt, and also use the organza as the interfacing on the midriff pieces. Next I ordered the lining from Gorgeous Fabrics (same place I got the silk shantung from... and, well, couldn't JUST order lining).

When I starting laying the pattern pieces, I had my first Oh %$@# moment. The skirt is a full, flared skirt, which means the pieces are like giant pie pieces. Butterick, in their infinite pattern drafting wisdom, has you cut it out on the cross grain. Whoa! Shantung has slubs running across it, and that means you really have to cut it out on the lengthwise grain. Which also is much more natural feeling besides. But the pieces are too wide at the hem. Only solution was to slash and slice my pie into smaller pieces, ending up with a 6-gore skirt.
Historically, I haven't been brave enough to just slash away, but I'm taking my scissors to a new level! I did make use of my red felt tip, so I don't forget any of my changes. Redrew the grainline, and made sure to make note of the need to add a seam allowance where I cut the piece in two.

And that's about it. The lining arrived tonight, so I'll cut it tomorrow, along with the dress I'm making for the rehearsal dinner. It seems that I can't wear the bright green silk frock to all the events.


  1. This is going to be a fantabulous! look! I can't wait to see it. I wish we could go to the actual wedding and see you in it there.

  2. This dress is going to come out amazing! I know about shantung...I also used it on my sister's wedding gown about 10 yrs ago :)

    I enjoy visiting and seeing the progress. Thank you for sharing,




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