Monday, April 19, 2010

Road Trip: Madisonville, Tennessee

This weekend saw us heading north up I75 to attend a His & Hers Shower and Engagement party for Wedding Daughter Laura and her fiance Thomas. Thomas' mom, sister and step-sister threw a great party on Saturday, and you can see that they got a little early practice in cake cutting.

It was also the first time the little flower girls tried on their dresses, and it was an almost perfect fit for both.

The littler girl, I'll call her FGZ, didn't need any adjustments, but the other one (FGK) needs to have the same bottom taffeta ruffle added under her lowest tier, as the lining is just a wee bit short. And I just need to finish the cummerbund's, adding the snaps. Right now, they are just pinned. I'll do a proper review tomorrow.

All in all, we had a great time, met lots of Thomas' extended family, and hit all the hot spots in Madisonville.


  1. The flower girl dresses look wonderful. And the cake, pretty!

  2. The dresses look great, Elle! What a talented lady you are. It looked to be a fun party (and I agree with Kila, the cake was lovely!)

  3. Please send me your email address to I have something really neat to tell you!!!!!

  4. The flower girls are so adorable in their dresses. Great job!

  5. They came out so well. You must be so pleased.
    I live near I75 and a Madisonville and that mention made me stop, but I see that you are much farther south than me.

  6. The little dresses are precious, and that cake is a work of art.



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