Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Look -- Butterick 5176

I guess technically this is the 2nd look, but I feel like now it fits and it's ready to go. I've made the 2nd muslin, and really didn't have to do too much. I had to add 2 inches to the waist band and achieve that by slashing the midriff band (what Butterick calls this piece) basically in 4 places almost to the top of the piece and spreading it 1/4" for each slash. Oh, and I did that to both the front and back piece. This accomplished exactly what I wanted it to do.
So, with any V-neck, you run the risk of gaping, and this was no different. On the right side, I pulled down the center part and took out the gap. I didn't do it on the left, and it doesn't gap, but I might go ahead and do the same thing. The 2 sides kind of don't match. I'm also a little concerned that there will be too much cleavage but it is a garden wedding, and I've commissioned a fabulous necklace that will fill in that space, so I think it will be alright.

This picture shows how I pulled in the right side. I had to sew that side first, and then did the left side, which is a little different than the instructions.


  1. Waooo you are really making progress... beautiful

  2. Muslin looks good. I'm sure you will have a gorgeous dress.

  3. This is going to be an incredible dress, just as the flower girl dresses are!!! I'm still amazed about Saturday!

  4. This is great as I have this pattern and would like to give it a try. I came to your blog via your review on this pattern on patternreview.com. I consider myself an advanced beginner so I am not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I'll make a muslin first. My question is: do you think this is a good pattern to make in dupioni silk? Also, what kind of fabric did you use for the lining? Thank you! Your dress turned out great!

  5. Ana, I don't have any way to check back with you so I hope you check for your answer here. Yes, definitely make a muslin. And dupioni silk is one of the easier silks to work with, so it would/could be a good choice. I used shantung which is similar. Just keep in mind that it won't be drapey/flowy, but stiffer like mine. I bought the lining from Gorgeous Fabrics, and if I remember correctly, it was misty dream lining. I can't remember what it was made of, maybe rayon? It was slippery.



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