Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Progress (and a Decision)

I got my wedding invitation in the mail yesterday (for Daughter Laura's wedding). We're tempted to mail the RSVP card with our regrets, but, naaaaahhh, we'll be there, with bell's on. (OK, maybe not bells.) SOOOO, what am I going to wear? Some of my non-sewing friends were wondering about the muslins, so here are the rejects:
On the dress form, the white one doesn't actually look so bad, but trust me, it just isn't right. Sunflower there, well, you can see the gobs of fabric involved in the halter. It's crazy. Here's the one I'm going with, Butterick 5176:
It has the V-neck I love, a full (but not gathered) skirt, and the midriff area that is just waiting for some embellishment. The fit still needs a bit of tweaking, and I haven't decided if I'm going to add the ties. Your thoughts? I'm just not sure I need a big bow which I would definitely tie in back if I use it.

I've also started serious work on the flower girl dresses. These organza tiers are giving me fits. One dress has four tiers and the other has three and post it notes are hopefully going to keep them all organized for me.
Tomorrow, how I'm hemming these babies. Hint: it's not by hand!


  1. Holy smokes, but you know how to work!

  2. I wish I could post pictures! Instead I'll send you here ---

  3. I love your pattern choice. I do not envy you sewing all those tiers from chiffon, or is that organza (I forgot what you said). Either will be a challenge. Will you do a rolled hem on each tier? I made a bunch of cotton sundresses that had these tiers last summer. That was challenge enough, because of the bias stretch in places and no stretch in others. These will be gorgeous dresses though.

  4. Hey, wishing you luck and no gremlins as you sew all those dresses! I would opt for no bow if it were my dress.



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