Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Interrupt...

...your regularly scheduled Sewing Life for another episode of "It's a Mom's Life" where we find your heroine about to enter the dorm of a college sophomore and pack up all its contents, the good, the bad and the extremely disgusting.

Right now, we're lounging in the hotel's Executive Lounge, waiting for said college boy to finish an exam, so that we can get into said dorm room. Enjoy the view from our hotel room's balcony:

Yes, you can see that not all of Nashville is under water. No signs of the flood in this area, though the hotel is asking us to Reserve Water. Um, we'll take 3 gallons of flat, and 2 of bubbly. Oh... wait, I think their flyer should have read CONserve water. Spell check was not their friend. At the restaurant last night we were served on paper plates and with plastic cups, unless you ordered a glass of wine or something kind of wet like my risotto. Hubby had to eat his chicken off a paper plate.

From here we head northeast to witness the graduation of our future son-in-law from the University of Kentucky.

We will return to "Sewing Life" on Monday.

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  1. Tell Thomas hello for us. We are proud of him. I understand that Nashville has 2 water treatment plants and one is under water. My daughter's friend told her that they are supposed to try to cut their water use to 1/2 of normal. With 2 babies in the house that won't be easy, but since they have friends whose homes are flooded they are doing their best.
    I'm sure your son is glad to be finishing another year of school.
    Have a save trip to KY and back home again.



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