Monday, February 20, 2012

Finished: The Sewaholic Minoru Jacket

Yep, I "participated" in the Sewaholic Minoru jacket sew along. And by participated, I mean that I made my Minoru jacket at the same time that the sew along was happening. Only a lot quicker. And this is not a criticism of the sew along, but more of an issue of when I could actually sit down and sew.

Never mind that, though, and let's just get on with seeing the pictures and some observations. First, my fabric is a raincoating from Gorgeous Fabrics, and the lining is from With that out of the way, here ya go complete with observations:

  • this is definitely not a beginner pattern. With the sew along, advanced begginer. Without it, intermediate at least.
  • my semi-plasticky raincoating frayed a lot.
  • if you look closely, you will see that the hem doesn't line up in the center front.

  • I cut the size 12, and only made one alteration
  • I shortened the sleeves by 2-1/2" inches!
  • my cuffs look a little weird. I think that's more of a fabric issue.

  • I love the collar with the zipper and hidden hood.
  • did you read about my fraying fabric?
  • I should have lined the hood, even with the finishing of the seam.
  • it is quite possible to iron this raincoating fabric, even without a press cloth. From the line going horizontally across my butt, it appears that I missed a spot.
  • I didn't add the inside pocket because with all the coats I've ever owned with inside pockets, I've never used them.
  • I think I used the wrong side of the lining as the right side. It was hard to tell. Oops.
  • my inside hem looks, well, pretty bad. Did you read about the uneven hem meeting in the front? All related.
  • I did put outside pockets in the side seams. I can't have a coat without them.
  • I put them a little bit too low.
  • Can you tell that I'm actually wearing it in the rain?
  • though entirely functional, I look dumb with the hood up, and this is the best pic I have of it being worn. None from the front.
  • I love the length.
Conclusion: it's a great jacket pattern! I particularly like it in this lightweight version. If I were to make it with a bulkier fabric/lining, I would go up a size, and then make a better adjustment to the back length so it didn't get too bunchy.


  1. Elle, your jacket is terrific! I like that it is a functional raincoat, and looks good with or without the hood up. How lucky that you had real rain during the "photo shoot". Mine is done also...I guess I need to take some pics.

  2. It looks good! Nice fit and pretty colour. I cannot see any of your hem problems from the pictures.

  3. Beautiful jacket! That definitely does not look like a beginner pattern. :)

  4. Oh wow. Fab color! And that zip really compliments your fabric choice. One day I'll may my one but I'm afraid I'm still on the Beginner's Train.

  5. Elle and it looks fantastic. I know it's just right for the on again, off again rainy/chilly Georgia winter we've been having. Love the color too. How are you enjoying your new sewing room???

  6. FABULOUS! I just love the colour!

  7. Great jacket! I'm still working away at mine!!

  8. I think your coat is gorgeous. I am going to sew one for next Autumn / Winter I love the practicalality and the fact it's actually pretty .

  9. Great colour! It turned out really nicely.

    I'm still working on mine too. I added side pockets as well, and am now thinking about going back and lining the hood (it's floppy and I feel a bit dumb in it!)



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