Monday, February 27, 2012

The Imperfect Ponte Pant

I had such high hopes. I used my already fitted Colette Clover pattern, and purchased some lovely navy ponte knit from FabricMart. Of course they would turn out fabulous, right? Not so much.

I'm only giving you one picture, so let's save it til the end, m'kay? Scroll down if you just can't wait another second, but if you can wait, here are some highlights and lowlights, in no particular order.

  • Decided on some pockets, a la Sallie. I think it was the ponte, but I do take some responsibility.
  • There are pockets, but they have been sewn shut.
  • The pants turned out oddly high waisted. I scooped out about an inch and a half down in the front, because the back seemed fine.
  • The back really isn't fine, needs to be just a bit lower.
  • Decided on the side zipper, but not an invisible one.
  • I caught some skin when wearing my other pair of clovers that do have an invisible zipper. Ouch. Plus, I live in fear of invisible zipper failure.
  • Decided to do a lapped regular zipper.
  • Ripped it out one time.
  • Re-inserted. Yikes, it was oddly lumpy in places where I don't actually have lumps.
  • Ripped it out again.
  • Decided on NO zipper. With the knit, I can pull them on.
  • The inside looks like a dog's breakfast. (I love that phrase, I hope I'm using it correctly... like is it A dog's breakfast, or just dog's breakfast?)
  • No one can see the inside, thankfully.
  • Ponte doesn't fray.
  • I made a blind hem. It looks great. They are maybe a tad long. That's ok.
  • I'm not sure I'll wear them in public.
  • Then again, they would be really comfortable on a plane trip.
  • Still. Maybe they will just be house pants.
I know. Super cute shoes, right?!


  1. I don't see what the problem is...they look great.

  2. From your picture they don't look bad at all to me. I've been contemplating making ponte pants for months. I've not done them because I was worried that the fabric might be too thick. What do you think about the thickness or weight of your pants?

    1. There must be different weights of ponte knit. I think mine might be too lightweight which is also kind of why I don't like them that much. I would like a bit more thickness.

  3. Elle, I think the pants look great on you! And I'm definitely lusting after those shoes --- more info please :D



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