Monday, June 14, 2010

Pack Those Boxes, Woman!

Really! I have places to fly off to...

Well, it appears a wedding veil does not make very good wings.

But it does look lovely!
I'm afraid that's where my pictures end, and the professional photographer's will have to take over. In the meantime, the wedding gifts are still arriving at my house, and yes, sweetie, they are being carefully packed up for their journey to Nashville.

And here in Atlanta, life is slowly getting back to normal. But perhaps someone can tell me what you do with two large wooden letters covered in fake hydrangeas.


  1. I am lucky and already got to see some photos that Thomas's aunt Kathy posted on FB. Your dress is perfect, by the way! Laura made a beautiful bride, of course. Her dress and veil are gorgeous. Thomas even dressed up nicely! Ha!
    The flower girls looked adorable in the dresses you made them, too.
    I'd send the giant letters to Thomas and Laura.



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