Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Tonight's the premiere of the new old TV series, Dallas. That's not really what this post is about, but I did just get back from a trip to Dallas. I was born and raised in Dallas, and much of my family still lives there, or not too far away from there. The primary reason for the trip was to attend the wedding of my cousin's daughter (does that make her my second cousin)?

It was a beautiful wedding held in East Texas, albeit a bit hot and steamy. I wore a dress that was hot off the sewing machine and as yet unblogged. Stay tuned for that.

Monday, my sister, Susan, drove over from Ft. Worth, and we all met at the Dallas Arboretum to take in the Chihuly Exhibit. With temps approaching 100F, we dressed appropriately and stuck to the shady areas.
Me, Mom, Susan
Roland came too, and he got some fabulous pictures (this one notwithstanding). I'm wearing a new pair of shorts I made and stay tuned for the post tomorrow. It's a combination Kwik Sew and Colette Patterns creation. Have I piqued your interest?

In the meantime, enjoy a few more pictures from the exhibit:


  1. Wow, that is a fantastic exhibit. Are the pieces glass? Beautiful and otherwordly.

  2. Exciting - can't wait to see the new makes! That exhibition looks fantastic too!

  3. Beautiful wedding pictures. I saw a Chihuly exhibition as Kew gardens in the UK a couple of years ago, it was stunning.

  4. The Chihuly exhibit is truly amazing. I saw it here in London about a month ago.

    I do love me a Texas wedding. It's hard to believe it's hot there already when I'm wearing a jacket in the UK. Ugh! I miss the heat!

    Looking forward to seeing your newest creation.

  5. Sounds like lovely family catchup, looking forward to seeing the wedding outfit.

  6. Ooo, would love to see a Chiluly exhibit! Can't wait to hear about the shorts. I need to make some, but am hesitant about choosing a pattern to work with.

  7. OOH! Being from a large family I know the answer about the cousin-thing. She's your first cousin once removed. If you have a child, then she's second cousins with your child. If she has a child, you'd be first cousins twice removed with that child. Essentially, the "first" or "second" refer to your common level of removal from the common ancestors. For example, first cousins are one level down from their parents, who are siblings. (Although, technically first cousins are actually two generational levels down from their common anscestors, the grandparents, just to confuse matters.)

    This chart took me a moment to get my head around, but it explains it quite nicely:


    1. Exactly! Although, depending on how bossy/mean is the person who keeps track of family relationships in your family, you can get into fist-swinging brawls with the people who insist on defining cousinship their way, not the way that the rest of the world defines it. And, the sister of your grandmother is NOT your "great aunt." (Although she may well be a swell person.) She is your grandaunt. The generation just behind you is your parents, aunts and uncles. The generation behind them are your grandparents, grandaunts and granduncles. The generation behind THEM is your great-grandparents, great-grandaunts and great-granduncles. You cannot be "great" without also being "grand."



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