Monday, March 11, 2013

Mad Advance 8623 Skirt Finished!

I've decided to make something else for the Mad Men Challenge, so I'm going to show off the Advance 8623 "pencil" skirt that was part of the original plan. Truthfully, it's really an A-line that I made more "pencil-y". Lopping off 9" off the bottom makes it more 2013, as well.

Finally, instead of a back vent, I added a feature that was inspired by a skirt I saw on Eugenia's blog (remember her?). This one. 

A couple of other changes to the original pattern... I added a lining, moved the zipper to the center back and used an invisible zipper.

Pictures taken at work, by my fellow bridesmaid consultant, Ashley...

Yep... there are a few wrinkles.


  1. Nice skirt! I see you made it in black, so you will be able to use it at work. It would be good for socialising too. The bow is a cheeky little detail:-)

  2. That skirt is cute as can be! I like the back detail. Very nice.



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