Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pavlova Wrap Top, Redeemed, AND...


You know what... thank you all for all of the votes on the bangs vs. no bangs debate. Bangs won, and really, I really wanted bangs anyway. Plus, it's only hair, right? I can always grow them back out. Check out the awesome red. Huge shout out to Freddie at Jamison Shaw Hairdressers in Atlanta. He is a genius with color!

Oh, yeah. And I made another Pavlova wrap top today. This is one that I'm proud to model. A few notes about this one:

  • Fabric is a rayon jersey from Super soft and thin enough to wrap successfully!
  • I narrowed the neck/collar area by placing the back section that goes on the fold 1/2" over the fold. Did that make sense?
  • I added 1/2" back to each back side to make sure the muffin area was sufficiently covered.
  • I lengthened both the front and back 1-1/2". Could have added even another 1" to the back.
  • The skirt in the picture is the Pavlova circle skirt.
A Marilyn Moment:

The dog shot. What are those pups behind me up to?


  1. YOu look fabulous - very youthful and glamorous!

  2. I like this top much more, and looking at the smile on your face, I can see how happy you are with the results. Isnt it great when a sewing project turns out well.

  3. Really loving your Pavlova and don't you just love those Marilyn moments when you're wearing a circle skirt. I'm also loving my Pav top and skirt and next time I'll definitely be adding some extra length as well... I was thinking about 2" too.

  4. Pretty outfit. The blue looks super against your red hair and BANGS! Bangs are in. Totally. I'm a redhead too--very, very red. And bangs.



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