Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pavlova Wrap Top #1... Finished!

I'm such a sucker for a sewing competition. It takes the sew along to the next level, really, and totally keeps me engaged. I've finished my first wrap top, and I have to admit... I'm a little disappointed. Not with the pattern, or even the sewing, or the fit. Steph warned us... a thicker sweater knit might not be suitable. That's essentially what I used.

It was in a free bundle from FabricMart Fabrics, so I'm not even 100% sure of its contents, but there IS something synthetic in it. The ribs are stiff, and didn't want to cooperate under the needle. But after reading about Steph's crinkle linen version, and how the ties in her woven top didn't stretch, and she tied it in the back, I think maybe MAYBE this one will work.

OK, enough disclaiming. No picture of me in it... just on the dress form (I don't call her anything, but perhaps she does need a name).
 Wrapped and tied in the back. For the record, I made the size 35 straight up (i.e., no alterations at all).
Tied in the back. See the size of that knot? It's a whopper. I swear this fabric didn't feel that thick in a single layer!
Tied in the front. It barely reaches on DF. On me, yeah, reaches even less. And it's really thick in the back (not pictured).

Bottom line... it's going to have to hang out in the magic closet for awhile. Lucky for it, we're approaching hot weather time, and it's more of a spring/fall thickness. Definitely not summer.

And, I'm hoping tomorrow to finish the skirt. No promises on that though.


  1. I certainly like the design of the top. Sorry about the fabric choice, but by the Fall you may feel differently about the weight of the fabric.

  2. Take off the ties, hem the front, draped cardi. :) Really! Really really! I've GOT to get mine photographed...

  3. It looks like it has alot of body to it, do you think it will soften in a wash? I love the colour. Perhaps with it being double across the front, a finer fabric would have been better. Thats the only drawback to dressmaking, we never know the finished results.



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