Sunday, March 24, 2013

Twirl It, Baby!

What's the best part about a circle skirt? That's the twirling fabulosity, of course!! I finished my Pavlova skirt (position 1) Thursday, just in time to get to work (and wear the skirt). That means it's black, so don't get too excited about this reveal. Before I show you pictures though, how about a few details.

  • Fabric is a black gabardine. A great fabric, nice and drapey, that feels lightweight, but does have some sponge-y thickness (this came into play making the "waistband")
  • I was in a hurry, so the seam edges are serged.
  • Hurrying continued, so the hem is the folded over twice, top stitched per the instructions in the pattern.
  • The waistline stretched, and while it was wearable, kept slipping down during the workday.
  • I fixed the above problem by stitching, at the waistline, a 1-1/4" wide elastic on the inside. I'll be wearing that skirt a lot!!
Now, the pictures... the pocket:

The skirt:

Looking professional (no, I can't wear the jacket at work, except to arrive. C'est la vie.):
The twirling (thanks, Ashley, for the great picture-taking!)

I've got the next Pavlova circle skirt cut out, and it's not black!! Hall.E.Lu.Jah! And I'm giving the wrap top another go, this time in a soft, thin, drapey jersey.



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