Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Life for a Wadder

Too wide? by downthestreet
Too wide?, a photo by downthestreet on Flickr.
Remember these? One of the comments I got when I made them last summer was to simply go ahead and donate them. Well, I didn't. I stuffed them into a drawer where they've been taunting me ever since.

With Me Made June looming, and one successful pair of shorts made, I decided to see if I could salvage them.

It took about 15 minutes. Basically, I cut them apart at the inseam (no seam rippers were involved at all), turned them inside out, folded them in half, drew a line at the center back and front, and stitched. Still unusually big through the waist, I pinched out about 2" and sewed a new right side seam. There's an invisible zipper on the left side seam, which I totally left alone. The result is a center back seam that is no longer in the center, but can you see it?
(It was getting a little windy here.)

So, there you have it. For a skirt for me, it's a little on the short side, but it'll do. After June is over, it still may be destined for Goodwill, but ya never know. It may turn out to be the skirt of the summer. Or not.

For the record, my top was made by Talbots.


  1. Elle you are a southern girl after my own heart. (you are a authentic southern girl - right?, and not a transplant (not that it would matter)lol). Looks real good to me. I am calling this THE SAVE OF THE YEAR!

  2. Great save! I think the length looks good on you!

  3. Wow - great job! Your skirt looks fantastic.

  4. That worked really well. Nothing like re-fashioning a garment. Good job



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