Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crescent and Shorts

The crescent skirt is finished!! Actually, I finished it yesterday, but I'll do the full reveal when I give it to Laura and can get some pictures of her in it. I love the voile fabric. It almost feels like silk. But about the zipper. I might give this technique one more try, but I'm just not happy with the outcome. It does look ok, but it's not really hard to get way better results. And I do love the crescent skirt, and how flattering it is, and how easy it is to make (zipper aside). A sneak peak of just the zipper:

If you're participating in Me Made June, you're probably well aware that June is just around the corner! The gaps in my wardrobe are screaming, so I've been sewing like crazy! I won't show you everything before June, because there could be some boring days full of repeats, but suffice it to say there are a couple of "not my usual style" kinds of things that I'm really loving!

One thing I will show you, that I'm pretty excited about is the pair of shorts I just finished. I haven't really made any pants successfully, so I was a little nervous about this project. I chose Kwik Sew 3614, and read the reviews on Pattern Review. Several said the pockets pooched out, but I got my cocky sewing attitude on, and thought "not MY pockets". *sheepishly* Here's ya go:

I used some cotton twill from my stash, that has a teeny bit of stretch. I felt like these were kind of going to be a "muslin" of sorts, and while the fit is pretty good, it does need some tweaking. For one, my next pair will have some different kinds of pockets. I've got a cute idea for them, so stay tuned for that. Next, the shorts are a little big, so taking in on the sides will be necessary.

I think I'll also attempt some welt pockets for the back on my next pair. And I'll make them a skosh shorter. Finally, there's the issue of the rise. Here's the skinny. I traced the size Large. But I have a super short rise in the front, so after tracing the large, I had the tracing tissue over the pattern, and simply traced the XS (yes, EXTRA small) waistband line, extending it out to the side seams. I took out an inch in the back to help the side seams match better. And it still seems like there's a bit too much fabric at the crotch level. If I pull them up as high as they want to go, they are an inch over my belly button. Oh, my. So, a bit more tweaking there, but that's it!

I'm loving the waistband, too. I don't/won't usually wear my shirts tucked in, but this doesn't really look too bad.

Finally, I finished a top today, that I'm not 100% sure about, but I'll talk about it tomorrow. Do you want a sneak peak though?


  1. I like your shorts and need several new pair myself. I do remember that you mentioned you would be on vacation soon, but do peek in at the dress challenge. Have fun and buy up some fabric when you go away.

  2. Your shorts look great! I need to make a pair or two for myself. Looking forward to seeing your other creations!

  3. The shorts look great. I find that pants of any sort need tweaking forever, because the fabric used can make quite a difference in fit.

  4. Oops! Forgot to say - the skirt looks wonderful!

  5. Superb shorts Elle! I have zero pairs of shorts that fit me now, so I need to make some --- loving the look of that quick sew pattern and need to pick up a copy for myself!

    Laura's Crescent Skirt looks fab! My initial Crescent is in a lightweight sheer'ish fabric too and I really do like something like that for the skirt. Currently making one from cotton, but am afraid it may be a bit stiff for my taste :/. I'm in agreement with you on the zipper, I had nice results doing it the regular ol' way, not so much with the manner used in the instructions.



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